Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion (Normal / Dry) 125 ml

Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion (Normal / Dry) 125 ml
Brand: Simplicite
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Beneficial for: Normal / Dry / Sun Damaged / Mature Skin

Infused extracts of fresh herbs and flowers hydrate, tone and refresh. Natural saponins i.e. surfactants soften the skin and help the skin more efficiently absorb Simplicite face oils and serums.

Application: (Shake this product and the resulting froth is proof that it does indeed contain these plant saponins.) 
ALCOHOL FREE of course. pH balanced. Wipe or spray on after cleansing and before applying face oils and serums. (Close eyes while spraying on and for 5 seconds after).



Spritz on this beautiful flower water lotion straight after cleansing - Simplicite cleansers are so effective that there is nothing to wipe off afterward. When you spritz on the concentrated flower essences you also receive a wonderful boost to your sense of well-being through their aromatherapy effect, so they’re refreshing to use during the day, in the car or during air travel.

Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - lavender - rose petals, - orange blossom - fresh aloe vera juice - lemon balm - alfalfa - heartsease - olive leaves - elderflower - witch hazel (fresh whole herb) - rose geranium
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