Macadamia & Bush Gardenia Body Scrub (100 gm)

Macadamia & Bush Gardenia Body Scrub (100 gm)
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Beneficial for: Irritated, Sensitive Skin

A revitalising treatment to re-awaken the skin and help restore elasticity and moisture levels. Application: Use 2 - 3 times per week in the shower to invigorate and boost any tired appearance of the skin.
Follow with a Body Oil or Nutritive Body Lotion.



On a very personal note, I entirely credit this oil with getting rid of that 'saggy' look when I finished breastfeeding. And the stretchmarks on my thighs from when the growth spurt I experienced in my teens. In fact we have heaps of wonderful stories about results for stretchmarks - see Results Stories.


Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - macadamia meal - cocoa butter - avocado, - wheatgerm - lime - blue mallee - eucalyptus - lemongrass - rose geranium - spruce - Australian Bush Flowers; - Sturt's Desert Rose - blue bell - bush gardenia
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