Nutritive Body Lotion (250 ml)

Nutritive Body Lotion (250 ml)
Brand: Simplicite
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Beneficial for: Sensitive / Dehydrated Skin

 Description: A deliciously light and luxurious body lotion, easily absorbed and delicately fragranced.

  • Tones and softens the skin helping it to look and feel younger.
  • Apply to areas of dermatitis and eczema.

Application: Twice daily.

NOTE: Using cheap, mineral oil-based body lotions and hand cremes is ‘false’ economy.  These products need to be continually reapplied to moisturise the skin. At the same time they leach nutrients from the skin, making skin drier and more likely to flake or crack.



Apart from loving its lusciously light feel, many customers report this product is also useful in the treatment of sunburn and skin irritations.

For years I'd heard David relate stories of how the Nutritive Body Lotion helped his patients' sundamaged arms. Some were farmers who'd spent a lifetime in the sun - tough, and satisfying, success stories.
But it was only when I'd had my own particularly stubborn little 'thing' on one arm for quite some time that I identified with what Nolene (see customer testimonial below) told me so happily and enthusiastically a few times about her experience. Like her, I had picked at the ever-replenishing scabby top of a lump under the skin (charming, I know!) that just wouldn't go away. So a few weeks ago I began applying the Body Lotion every morning and night. (I usually use the Mandarin Body Butter for my ever thirsty arms and legs, with great success.) After a few days the scab fell off and didn't reappear. Then, about a week later - I kid you not - the lump under the skin disappeared. There was a little mark where it had been. Another week and that went too. I'm in awe (with Nolene).


Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - carrot - jojoba - avocado - sesame - evening primrose - lemon - rosewood - sage - hyssop - clary sage
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