Result Lift Gel (55 ml)

Result Lift Gel (55 ml)
Brand: Simplicite
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Beneficial for all skin types and ages.

Description: A cosmetic herbal alternative to Botulinum toxin. This unique product delivers an immediate ‘lift’ to skin with continuing long term improvements to tone, texture and firmness.

Application: Twice daily OVER Simplicité Serums, Face Oils and Moisturisers (apply UNDER Alba White Day Creme because of the physical sun protection this creme contains). Can be applied any time of the day or evening as a revitalising ‘lift’.



We've already had wonderful feedback about the results of this product and its brilliant combination of top quality ingredients. One former Clarins beauty therapist told us it completely removed a line that ran from near her nose to beside her mouth. Personally speaking, I had been using Results Lift Gel for about three weeks when I became aware of the vastly increased depth of moisture in my skin. I honestly didn't think I could make my skin any better but using this has taken it to a new level.

Active Ingredients Highest activity medicinal grade extracts of: - three herbal botox® alternatives: cajeput, styrax, liquidambar - lemongrass - rice bran - rosehip - olive leaves - calendula flowers - cornsilk - mandarin - petitgrain - fennel seed
Testimonial ==(1)== "Results Lift Gel makes my skin feel hydrated, glowing and healthy. I have never has nasty reactions when using any of the Simplicite products as they have such high quality natural ingredients. Thank you for making such beautiful, gentle and affordable skin care!" - Robina Christie, Burleigh Heads ==(2)== "Results Lift Gel - absolutely fabulous. I saw some friends yesterday who I haven't seen in over five years and they couldn't believe how young I looked. Results Lift Gel is so easy to apply and last so long - another good buy." - Shirley Watson, WA ==(3)== This was the product I was most excited to try, which claims to be the “herbal alternative to botox”. I adore the soothing, cooling texture, crisp, fresh scent and overall exhilarating feeling of this gel (which is actually more of a creamy lotion) on my skin. Upon initial application, it instantaneously plumps my skin giving the appearance that it is firmer and more resilient with an all over natural luminosity. It is lightweight and refreshing and I often use this alone as my daily moisturiser because it offers generous hydration and doesn’t leave my oily skin shiny throughout the day. I love how it immediately boosts my complexion, brightening the tone and smoothing the texture, especially when my skin looks dull and drab. I am positive that my skin will never have to suffer the effects of too many late nights again, as this gel is a weapon to combat those signs leaving my skin looking vibrant, alive and bursting with radiance. I am also pleased that the longer I use it I am noticing more permanent changes, with my complexion becoming more refined boasting a better overall clarity. I don’t think I will ever need to take the ‘toxic’ botox approach as long as I have my all natural Simplicite Results Lift Gel on my side. - Melanie Kuziemko Innisfail Qld ==(4)== "I'm in my late 40's and I love the way that Results Lift Gel brings a renewed vitality, freshness and brightness to my skin. It brings a smile to my face to see it give my face and neck a more youthful and relaxed appearance - as I apply the lovely Gel I can feel it gently firming my skin. Results Lift Gel feels lovely and smells delicious - it soothes and repairs my skin and makes me feel refreshed." - Deanna Holberton Toowoomba Qld
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