Alba-White Day Moisturiser (with Sunscreen SPF10) 55 gm

Alba-White Day Moisturiser (with Sunscreen SPF10) 55 gm
Brand: Simplicite
Product Code: FP CM064
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Beneficial for: All Skin Types Including Hyper-Pigmented Skin 

Description: Formulated to repair pigmented areas of skin where oxidative processes have left premature age marks e.g.: ‘copper’ spots.    

  • Primarily used as a day moisturiser with sunscreen SPF10. This product is not registered as a sunscreen.
  •  Particularly beneficial for areas that have become hyper-pigmented from sun damage, the effects of poorly formulated sunscreens, hormonal effects of pregnancy, the contraceptive pill and ‘perfume’ marks.

Application: NOTE - Emulsify cream between fingertips before patting onto face, neck and décolletage, then massaging in. For best results apply on a well exfoliated skin. Use over Simplicité Face Oil when skin is dry.



I've found this creme invaluable for the way it faded some hyper-pigmentation on my neck, so I like to keep using it to make sure the marks don't come back -  especially in summer. I've also been applying it to the backs of my hands in the morning when I remember - I've been pleasantly surprised at the gradual fading of some brown marks.

Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - camellia - arctostaphylos uva-ursi (bearberry) - green tea - fumitory - niaouli - grapefruit - lavender - bergamot - mandarin - rose geranium - with Australian Bush Flowers: - banksia - morning glory - flannel flower
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