Waratah & Beetroot Plant Nutrient Mask (100 gm)

Waratah & Beetroot Plant Nutrient Mask (100 gm)
Brand: Simplicite
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Beneficial for: Combination/Oily,  Hyper-Pigmented, Acne/Breakouts, Sensitive Skin

Description: A nutrient-rich, non-drying creme mask.

  • Helps correct skin problems such as sensitivity and hyper-pigmentation with the aid of restorative Australian bush-flower extracts.
  • Helps calm the appearance of redness from acne and other conditions. 
  • Beneficial also as a calming treatment for all skin types.

Application: After exfoliating apply thickly and leave on for 30 minutes or as long as overnight - wash off. Apply any Simplicit√© serum under masks for extra nutrient infusion into the skin.



A customer told me ages ago that this mask was an wonderful primer under makeup - I have used it ever since and I love it's matte, luxurious feel. And I threw out my existing primer when I read the fine print and realised it was based entirely on dimethicone - that's known as 'slip' in the cosmetic industry, aka furniture and car polish which causes drying and ageing of the skin!

Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - beetroot - jojoba - mandarin - hypericum - fresh aloe vera juice - red clover flowers - elderflower - siberian fir - lavender - rosemary - Australian Bush Flowers: - waratah flower; - mulla mulla - macrocarpa - flannel flower - banksia flower - spinifex
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