Women’s Deodorant 75g

Women’s Deodorant 75g
Brand: Sanctum
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96% CO/USDA*

Description: Aluminium and zinc free deodorant which aids in masking body odour.

Ideal for: All Skin Types.

How does it work? Combing the properties of lemongrass and grapefruit, the zesty aroma will aid in masking body odour and leave a soothing freshness.

How to use: Use Daily. Roll-on under arms or where perspiration and wetness occur.

Complementary Products: Body Spa, Body Buff, Body Soothe.

Features Benefits
Myrrh Extract* Traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-microbial astringent and skin calming properties. It is helpful in promoting wound healing.
Triethyl Citrate Derived from Bilberry / Red Currant fruit acid, it is used as a deodorising agent.
Lemongrass Oil* Considered astringent and tonic. As an antiseptic it is active against many bacteria and fungi.


*Product Key :

% CO – percentage content of certified organic ingredients

% CO / USDA – contains 95% plus certified organic ingredients and accredited by the US Department of Agriculture

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