Exfoliating Face Treatment (100 gm)

Exfoliating Face Treatment (100 gm)
Brand: Simplicite
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Beneficial for: All Skin Types Including Sensitive, Breakout, Acne, Couperose Skin

Description: An enzyme active gentle exfoliator / mask. Lifts dead cells through plant enzyme action. 


Multiple uses:
1. A very gentle exfoliator for fragile and couperose skin (skin with visible surface blood vessels). Massage onto face for 30 seconds or more in shower, wash off.
2. A ‘drawing’ treatment for pimples and acne areas: apply thickly to pimples and acne areas, leave in place for several hours to encourage healing and to reduce redness and inflammation. 
Wash off or rub off as a dry exfoliator. (For even more effective results apply over Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum.)
3. A plumping, firming face pack: apply thickly over Simplicité serum and leave on for at least 30 minutes, or several hours. Wash off.
Temporary skin pinkness can occur for 10-20 mins after use of this product as a mask.



I like to use the Exfoliating Face Treatment as a weekly mask - after the rub-off Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner. I can't recommend these two treatments highly enough - this is the way to achieve firmer, beautifully soft skin with beautiful, translucent 'glow'.


Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - adzuki beans - linseed - almond - kaolin - fresh aloe vera juice - chamomileflowers - lavender flowers - calendula - sandalwood - grapefruit - rosemary - sage - rose geranium
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