Angelica Lip Care Balm with Sunscreen (20 gm)

Angelica Lip Care Balm with Sunscreen (20 gm)
Brand: Simplicite
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Beneficial for: All Skin Types & Ages.

Description: Soothes lips cracked by the wind and sun, protects from further damage.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
  • Contains hydrophyllic compounds to lock in moisture.

Application: Twice daily for normal sun and winter protection -  more frequently if treating a breakout condition, or chapped, cracked lips. 
Beneficial results for 'cold sores' -  apply thickly over affected area, don’t rub in.

NOTE: When applying the balm to cracked lips it may ‘tingle’ slightly for a minute or two as the concentrated extracts deeply absorb into the damaged skin areas.



This product works very effectively in a short time, in contrast to lip chap sticks thay you usually need to keep on applying - sometimes for weeks. This is because the Simplicite lip balm contains no mineral oil - which draws away moisture each time it is applied.


Active Ingredients Cosmetically Active Herbal Extracts of: - rice bran - hazelnut - avocado - rosehip oil - evening primrose - echinacea - angelica - with Australian Bush Flowers: - mulla mulla - spinifex - flannel flower
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