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It is sad that in today's fast-paced boom and zoom lifestyles, we often sacrifice health for convenience.

Often, we come across horrors in the news – ‘melamine in milk’, ‘Food requires preservatives that cause cancer’, ‘Oxytocin being injected into cows and even melons’, ‘popular snack foods contain plasticiser’, ‘tonyred in cold drinks and other food items’, ‘wax coatings to make imported fruits look more imported’ and many more. If we were to believe everything e-mail forwards throw at us, we would start thinking we are lucky to be alive.

Eating a wide range of chemicals is part of our daily life. “Thanks” to wider application of agricultural chemicals and food additives, a broader range of safe and wholesome food from different parts of the world is made available to meet consumers’ needs. However, what you put on your skin, face, and scalp is just as important as the food you put into your mouth. Even though many people eat healthy, they often put toxins in their body by unknowingly using harmful skin care products such as lotions, perfumes, soap, shampoo, makeup, etc. Do you know that most of our commonly used skin care products are contain harmful chemicals and might increase our chance of getting cancer with long term usage? Here they are: Dioxane, Hormones, Plumbum, Petrochemicals, Chemical Sunscreens, Sulfates, Paraben and more. 

So what then can one do and how much we need to worry about? The answer may be “Living Naturally”.

Living naturally, or rather Organic Living does not mean that people should go for gardening, farming, and producing daily utility by hands necessarily, but living an organic lifestyle with a balanced and healthy life.

Organic Living goes beyond keeping chemicals off your life. It is a way that you’re not only feeding your family safer food and preventing hazardous chemicals from entering the environment; you’re also protecting future generations. Living organically involves much more than saving water, electric and recycling, such as eating organic food to avoid pesticides, rejecting nuclear as an energy choice, and so on. Many of us will never get to that stage of earth friendliness, but if most of us just eat organic food and use organic skincare products, that would be a good start.

The organic movement is growing apace and is receiving more publicity day by day. The rich and famous and ordinary people alike are all realizing that chemical additives, preservatives and pesticides can all affect health adversely. There are many more features and benefits you can enjoy if you choose to join the growing movement of the organic lifestyle and way of life.

So now start eating, using, and enjoying your life organically, to have your future generation healthier and live in safe environment.

Organic- it’s not just a fad, but is way for a healthier life!


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